Thursday, December 18, 2008

Whoa, nelly.

Been off this pony for a while.

I'll get back on eventually, but the next two weeks are going to involve some seriously hectic changes, including:

1) moving most/all of my worldly possessions about 220 miles SW to Brooklyn
2) flipping my job from working at home in my pajamas and talking to stuffed lobsters to working in an office in pants and talking to real people.
3) ceasing my Krav training up here (for more information, visit Curt's Krav Maga Blog) and picking it back up in Manhattan.
4) oh by the way xmas/new years
5) oh god, oh no, this can't be happening, selling my car?! We'll see about that.

Not much else happening at present.

Crazy times a'brewin though, good gravy.