Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It is roughly 11:00 in the morning, I have been awake since easily 6:30, and I have not yet eaten breakfast...

Unless you count scarfing oneself into a sugar coma on a half-pound sack of LifeSavers Gummies as "breakfast".

Seriously, if you get one of the big bags and just start going at it, you can cover the full cycle of excitation to sugar crash in about 30 minutes... and then you're just sitting there, twitching, sweating, wondering, "Damn, how do they get them so gummi?"

Ah, more coffee, then back to the grind.

Also, there had to have been a way to better connect "coffee" and "grind" in that last sentence.

Has to have been? Had to have been? Is was? Whazza? Blaaaaaaarrrggggg.

Guh. Being able to edit as you write out an internal monologue really does a number on verb tenses. Or maybe that's just the Gummies talking.

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