Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear Apple: reprising the reprise

I always forget in the heat of hardware fury how easy it is to be nice to tech support people, and how far being nice will get you as a customer.

Interject: unless you're dealing with the Bender Ball people, who from my experiences are all trained like sheep to be as unhelpful as possible AND to try and sell you DVDs over the phone while you're furiously trying to cancel shipping of shit that you never ordered. I have never balled out a phone service person quite like the time when I called the Bender folk to dispute an unauthorized charge on my credit card and the dude on the phone -- who sounded like the Dog Whisperer -- followed my comment of "Please cancel shipping immediately and remove all of my information from your system" with, "And while you're on the phone, would you like to buy...?"

But yeah, Apple's always pretty decent on the phone, and I have a new mouse in the mail.

That was fast.


The Producer said...

Yeah, amazing how often being nice will get you what you want. Just imagine if more people figured that one out?

Andrew said...

You just demonstrated the pr value that good customer service reps can bring to a corporation. That being said, the new mighty mouse you receive will still have the same basic design flaw, which is why I don't use one.