Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dear Apple

Ok, real quickie here --

Shame, shame on you, Apple, for creating, marketing, and continuing to produce the Mighty Mouse. This mouse is the weakest piece of shit excuse for consumer hardware I've seen since those retarded track-ball stationary mice (you know who you are). Seriously, for $50 I'd like something that I can open and clean, or that will at least retain all of its advertised functionality for more than two days at a time before I have to go digging at that stupid little rubber ball with a toothpick and an alcohol-soaked q-tip.

I don't think I've ever held such a sustained fury at any single object in my life. I'm actually astonished that I haven't broken this thing yet given my lifetime track record of defective-hardware-as-projectile.

I love Apple. I really do. They (tend to) make excellent hardware, pretty, user-friendly software -- but for $50, if using this mouse doesn't make me shit rainbows out of my palm, I must say I find it to be a huge disappointment.

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