Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Notes to self

Upcoming topics that probably deserve some airplay:

(1) I care about basketball for the second (?) time in my life. Thank you, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, et al.
(2) The Alchemist has terrible food, and after briefly trying really, really hard to like it, I am back to the opinion that it is bad for JP and should be re-replaced by a sports bar.
(3) The Milky Way, in addition to being a phenomenal name for a bar, is moving down to the Sam Adams Brewery lofts. This may herald the dawn of gentrification on JP's proverbial Wrong Side of the Tracks, and I'm not so sure I like it. Also, that dawn might have already been heralded.
(4) In non-bar news...I've been having a really hard time getting burgers to cook a consistent medium rare for me lately. Advice would be appreciated.
(5) There is no number 5.
(6) Actually, there are a lot of restaurants and recipes that deserve some attention. The Mission, for example, is really friggin tasty and has never disappointed me.
(7) Stump.
(8) Adventures in Text Twist.

Ok, cool. At my current pace of output, that should keep me busy for about two years.

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