Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beep beep! Here comes old crazypants!

So Romney pulled out, all but handing his votes to John McCain...

...which is scary, because McCain will appeal to moderates in big, wishy-washy purple states like, I dunno, Florida. This will be especially true if Obama is nominated, as that gigantic chunk of voters who say experience is ever so important may default to the old kook. Of course the lack of hindsight it takes for any dem to say that experience is a top priority is staggering. After all, we just watched a man get four years of practice presidency and then immediately screw up four more. Bush has been like the Miami Dolphins of politics. Take a 6-10 season, get psyched because you have nowhere to go but up, and then promptly go 1-15.

Sadly, hindsight is hazardous to American politics.

McCain, despite being a psychotic little troll of a man, is kind of friendly-seeming. And kind of electable-seeming. On the other hand, just about the worst thing you can have when you're balls-deep in a politically and economically destructive war is an ex-POW with an anger management problem.

I really don't know how to feel about this one, but I know it makes me nervous. McCain is just the kind of gun-slinging retard that a country full of gun-slinging retards could get behind.

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