Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucky Lucky

First of all, St. Patrick's Day, oh, how mixed my feelings are for you... it's like, ok, sure, I'll start drinking at 5 or whatever, and I do think that with all the people we celebrate on our annual, federal holiday schedule -- MLK, George Washington, Veterans, Dead Veterans, The Working Man, Columbus (mmm...genocide), Jesus -- we might as well add Drunks. After all, drunk people are (at any given time) a substantial societal constituency.

And really, I know it sounds like a joke, but I'm dead serious -- drinking is pivotal to this society and much of the rest of the world. Booze is what human beings, as a species, have chosen as an acceptable, leisure-time drug, and we use the hell out of it, so we might as well celebrate it.

On the other hand, St. Patrick's day is truly celebrating the bringing of Christianity to Ireland and the clover represents the holy trinity, so really... it's just a 250-year old Americanized bastardization of a holiday celebrating something that happened 1700 years ago, far away, with a church. Which makes getting hammered and celebrating the City of Boston a pretty hilarious way to celebrate it.

Or in my case, drinking like, 4 beers and watching a basketball game. At home. In my sweatpants. It was awesome.


Topic 2: Lucky Charms. Bought a box, had a bowl, and I swear to St. Patrick they've tipped the marshmallow ratio. It's like...it's like the box was assembled by that same fat kid who always sniped the M&M's out of your trailmix. I'm talking multiple marshmallows per spoonful. Almost too sweet, but really just kind of great.


Andrew said...

I recently bought Lucky Charms too and noticed the same thing with the marshmallows. But then I got to thinking, it's probably the same amount and to a kid (my memories) it doesn't seem like that much, but to an adult it's like "whoa where did all these marshmallows come from?"

baehr said...

yeah that's definitely plausible. kids do tend to be pretty unrealistic about sugar, but goddamn! bowl after bowl confirms -- that's a lot of marshmallows.

Also, just dawned on me that you Mallow, the freaky creampuff character from Super Mario RPG, is raised in a marsh. Har har, Square/Nintendo. Har har.